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Book Sales Orders Early, Execute Fast After

by Larry Chiang on October 15, 2016

Palo Alto, Calif.
By Larry Chiang

Execute sales before you build. No one at Stanford engineering builds it first and then hopes to sell it. Newbies do the speculative build in the hopes to sell.

Sell someone’s product before you take rejection personally. Sell to divirginize your revenue hymen 👀

This guy is making $600-$1000 per new uber driver he signs up.

Solve the cliche “startup death spiral” that Professor Steve Blank introduces but does not solve. [Its when founders try to delegate “doing things that don’t scale” – It’s What They Don’t Teach You at YC]

By all-day, #SiliconValley means all day except for before 11:00am. Also known as and is commonly referred to as “morning”. Stanford entrepreneurship can greatly benefit from practicing business execution. This campus is notorious for waking up late and getting to tech conferences, late.

Do founders wake up late and execute slow here!?!

Order early for #SantaCon

#10Dec2016 in SF and NYC

Benefit from others lack of execution and utter lack of prep

Google “Larry Chiang #santaCon”

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