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Breakdown of FICO Components at Life Inflection Points

by Larry Chiang on July 16, 2016

By Larry Chiang
As a rule of thumb, life has basic inflection points. Graduation from high school.
Establishment as an adult ~22. 
Semi-maturity at 24-30. 
This post will explain via pictures the breakdown of FICO. Traditional media has conveyed “it’s one pie chart for all ages at all stages of life”.  This is not correct. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
FICO percentages 100%, then 25% and upon maturity… 10% Subj *new credit* for 18-22 year olds starting #vigins

inflection points

Graduation from high school: At 18 years old, you’re able to enter into contract and your social security number stands alone. This is what your FICO score looks like as a percentage breakdown. 

A hard inquiry that results in a credit rejection establishes your zero for 1 (0 for 1). In baseball parlance, you’re batting .000. So 100% NEW CREDIT is zero. 

inflection point:
Establishment as an adult ~22 years old
25% new credit. 

** inflection point **

Semi-maturity at 24-30

Solution: build your FICO and startup your credit score without a hard inquiry. Start by getting approved for credit with a “consumer inquiry” by walking into a bank with your three credit reports. 
This site is targeted at future college grads and young professionals. It contains user contributed content, and material that may be confusing to a lay audience.

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