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Brotocols… How we as women can run mentor mentee protocols better than men run their own brotocols

by Larry Chiang on February 6, 2018

By Larry Chiang
I solve about 6,500 years of sexually charged women’s workplace disfunction in under 10 paragraphs. 
We as women have to learn at an early age to play defense. Defend against sexual onslaught. Defend against penetration. I am super tall and a uber hot Chinese male so I have been playing heterosexual defense my whole life. Thus my specific and unique upbringing helps me to write as an expert about 
– the female mindset 
– gender reversal entrepreneurship exercises
– breaking up the boys club is not optimal
– running boys club protocols better than a boys do is ideal
– focus on our strengths with laser focus 
– seemingly weak weaknesses are actually fine

Let us call these “brotocols”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I feel a @women2 blog post forming that i would like to read, “Brotocols. How we as women can run mentor mentee protocols better than men run their own brotocols” cc @Just_Kate @emilychangtv @BradStone…

Brotocols. Men learn about the birds and the bees different from women.  Men share with other men protocols for Pick Up Artistry. PUA. I’d say 80-90% of my mastery in trying to pick up puddy can be specifically parlayed to “accelerated wooing of a senior level mentor”. Brotocols is about selling ourselves and setting aside imposter complex and then self promoting ourselves. 

Go ahead and google the existing Women 2.0 articles I have written. Then email me blog post reports. Afterwards, I’ll send you the rest of the brotocols that we as women can execute. 

My PhD in ass should pretty much be,
Earning me a Noble Prize 
It is clear for all to see and 🐝
Or at least very lease a Poets’ Surprise

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