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Businesses of all sorts teeter on Bankruptcy a lot

by Larry Chiang on July 20, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Starting up a business is really hard and really easy
I think mentors help a lot. Mentors pace the way. Mentors write down thoughts that you can think.
Adora Cheung mentored me during #CS183b, Lec 4…,
Now meet James Gutierrez and Roy Sosa. I wanna install the Stanford GSB knowledge they have to…
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
When I hear: [{“@Homejoy“}], I hear my housekeeper of Latin descent hacking her FICO score, joyfully scoring a home. Then flipping #HomeJOY


The margins for arbitrage labor de la house cleaning are low. The arbitrage for getting your housekeeper a home are huge!
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
In 2015 at the #tcAugCap party #31July2015, @Homejoy will help us Mexican people go from zero FICO cleaning homes to owning homes w/soc sec#
FTC Disclosure: I financially benefited as a supermodel that has made money modeling for KB home, Pulte Home and a bunch of housing related entities.
FTC DISCLOSURE- as a credit expert, I arbitrage people with low FICO scores. Because they’re more valuable as humans with a high FICO score. Sometimes I extract a portion of the growth in value. Sometimes X = 0
FTC disclosure– I make money from doing Peter Thiel’s hashtag’s sequel. #CS183S is a sequel to #cs183 (which Stanford student Blake Masters took notes on)
@noLimits, duckCh9BK and learn James Gutierrez and Roy Sosa’s knowledge. Adora, duck #ch9 Bk and learn about the LABCS (live action business case study) of James Gutierrez [post MagicBeanStalk] and Roy Sosa {post NetSpend}
“Me at the Taipei W hotel doing a faux selfie.” — Larry Chiang

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