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Claude @czeins on Twitter on Losing $1500 on Venmo

by Larry Chiang on May 27, 2017

Claude (@czeins)
We interrupt your tweets about Jared’s treasonous backchannels to bring you a cautionary Craigslist tweetstorm. (1/32)

Claude (@czeins)
Last week, I decided to sell my 5k iMac and replace it with a laptop. (2/32)

Claude (@czeins)
I did the research, settled on a good price, and put it up on Craigslist. I requested cash, @Square Cash, or @venmo as payment. (3/32)

Claude (@czeins)
“Because of this, we were unable to credit your account or complete your bank transfer.” ☠️ (16/32)

Claude (@czeins)
“…we are unable to cover transactions that happen outside of Venmo’s intended use” ⁉️ (17/32)

Claude (@czeins)
So basically, I’m $1500 out. Which is really stinky, but I’ll live. Life’s cruel, you know? I thought Craigslist Jeff was my friend. (20/32)

Claude (@czeins)
My account displayed, in bold, “$1500 in Venmo.” If you saw “$1500 in Venmo,” you’d assume $1500 was in Venmo, right? (26/32)

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