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Comp Sci 183 vc (Venture Capital) #cs183vc

by Larry Chiang on July 8, 2016

By Larry Chiang

Barney and Robin have their timing super well-timed.

These cs 183vc tweets all stem from Stanford Engineering classes* and are meant to be timed, well. Many of these classes I quote below are taught by VCs and /or massively influenced by VCs**. Remember, we want to learn from VCs how to be VCs. That point has been lost***. Remember, back when they were founders, VCs did things that were painful, genius and glossed over when they tell us their war stories. CS 183vc is about getting back to basics of being VCs, but with a new toolkit. CS 183vc is like the new Kauffman Centre for VC Education. All 20 #cs183vc lectures go toward making the timing work.

Old: VCs used to be tall, pretty and shiny.

C3PO sucks. But, he is tall and pretty C3PO sucks. But, he is tall and pretty

New: VCs are like R2D2. Here is the Stanford engineering genius that is discjockey’d into “CS 183vc”


But, Larry Chiang, I can’t be a VC. I do not have Limited Partner money or experience.
Answer: We are cs majors and we can code a solution to this age-old pattern called “Catch 22”

LP $ = job
Experience = track record as an investor.

CS183vc solves this catch 22. Lec 5, CS 183vc solves the catch 22 of what comes first: The LP money or your first 3 investments becoming winners.

From Stanford Engineering 245 #ENGR245 (Lean launchpad)

From Stanford Engineering 145 #ENGR145 (Technology Entrepreneurship)

This is the “Pump and Dump” Dance.

“Pump and Dump” Dance party!!!! We cannot lose when we have zero US dollars at risk. We can only win when a GP buys the stock we are selling. Then. Then after we have secured a commitment, we go buy the stock.

Leverage VC F.O.M.O.

"Dump It" Lec 20, #cs183e “Dump It” Lec 20, #cs183e

Lec 20 comes full circle: Ass VCs should never judge. Stop judging and start helping with ‘timing’. We are engineers. All we do is timing on a calculus and geometric scale.

me, a supermodel, at SXSW after #NYFW me, a supermodel, at SXSW after #NYFW Larry Chiang, supermodel at Lincoln Center #NYFW Larry Chiang, supermodel at Lincoln Center #NYFW

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