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Credit Approved (from the Most Loosely Set of Credit Score Standards)

by Larry Chiang on October 12, 2016

By Larry Chiang 

There is a retailer that approves everyone. And yes, they report to Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. 

larry chiang takes womens lingerie and connects it to #PObox16589
When I say I know @creditKarma’s “Kenneth Lin”, Ask me about the CreditKarma, “Victoria Shopping Cart Hack” #cs183vs

Victoria’s Secret can grant a $500 line of credit because their COGS (cost of goods sold) is a fraction of the $500 in product. 

larry chiang loves belfies. Butt Selfiescredit and credit scores matter in the #NextEconomy 

My vacation notes w/a @Royal_Hawaiian pen on @palaceHotel paper w/my phone @6502838008. How to get a Victoria’s Secret credit card is “#cs183vs”. I’ll text you a credit application (650) 283-8008. 

cs183vs is a sequel to Peter Thiel’s CS 183 at StanfordIn short, you are pumping and pumping on-time payments into the payments hot box de la Columbus Ohio at #PObox16589. Stanford Engineering CS 183 was taught by Peter Thiel. He wants to see what you do with a high credit score before he just hands you venture capital. He’s too busy to walk you through the CreditKarma steps, so I will help you via text. 

Love that the Pritzker’s-family -> Com Secretary… never mentions credit /credit scores #NextEconomy @jowyang

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