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Darren Rovell Talks About Treasure Management Without a Lot of Treasure

by Larry Chiang on January 27, 2017


By Larry Chiang

Of the ~150 or so at-replies to @darrenRovell, the super majority are this theme:

jinzotrapcard (@jinzotrapcard)
@darrenrovell @TomFosterM Yea…that’s called a hobby sunshine. You’re telling kids to work for free for someone ELSE. That’s stupid

One minute later…

jinzotrapcard (@jinzotrapcard)
@darrenrovell @TomFosterM using your failed logic I should flip burgers at McDonald’s for free before opening my own restaurant. Dumb.

But that’s exactly what happens at Hamburger University in Oak Brook Illinois. You pay to go flip burgers before you own a dozen McDonald’s in Shanghai, China. 

Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell)
Giving something away for free, working for free at some point as you try to make it in the industry, is some of the strongest advice I got.
At the heart of these complaints is that people got “participation awards”

Also, look at how Darren Rovell’s father spent just $500 to invite a rookie to sign autographs at his bar mitzvah. 

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