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Deep Underground Capital Knowledge 9er Gold

by Larry Chiang on April 15, 2020

By Larry Chiang
9ers used to have to dig for gold. 
It turns out, Deeply Understanding Capital Knowledge, there is some really in depth deals getting done by and between the Federal Reserve Bank and Black Rock
BlackRock Takes Command 
– cozy deal between The Federal Reserve and Blackrock
– The Fed is privately owned
– read more in Counter Punch .org

“Does the Fed use your desk traders while they engage in the nationalization of the markets and industries or do they come in with their own”
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“when the Fed is your order book”
Larrrrrrrrry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Read the at-replies to this promoted tweet

God bless #financialLiteracy


BlackRock (@blackrock)
What questions do you have about the coronavirus and market volatility? We asked 5 of our portfolio strategists to answer the top questions we’ve received from clients on our latest podcast. LISTEN:

BlackRock Takes Command –

What They do isn’t taught in schools

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