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Deep Underground Hotel Knowledge

by Larry Chiang on March 25, 2017

UPDATE: Dhara Dhevi Hotel is NOT part of Mandarin Oriental. This makes so much more sense now.
By Larry Chiang
Duck9 is all about helping you avoiding and ducking startup BK and ducking 9’s on your credit report. 
Well this piece is about avoiding a rip off called Dhara Dhevi Hotel. Yes, Mandarin Oriental’s Dhara Dhevi Hotel. It looks great in the pictures, but that’s their marketing plan. 

“Don’t get catfished.”
– Larry Chiang
Mandarin Oriental’s Dhara Dhevi Hotel (circa 1990)
Mandarin Oriental’s Dhara Dhevi Hotel circa early 2000’s
The buffet was inedible. It felt like a truck stop in BFE or like a bus stop in the hinterlands of Taiwan where grandmas stop eating the fruit for fear of diarrhea. And Chinese grandmas love to stockpile fresh cut fruit. 

The crowd. The buffet constituency looked like Groupon coupon bearers that bottom fed a Priceline “name your own” price deal. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Take the Westin @waikiki. Let it coast on autopilot for 20 yrs. Thats Mandarin Oriental’s Dhara Dhevi Hotel. But great in pictures from 90s!…

St Regis {Bangkok} pool. Yesterday. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

St Regis {Bangkok} pool.


Mandarin Oriental’s 5⭐️ Dhara Dhevi Hotel [Chiang Mai] Pool

**Winner = St Regis**

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Online versus the rack rate. Don’t pay more than 4,050 THB. Rack rate is a 50% premium JUST FOR THE BUFFET.
The Pasadena Ritz Carlton became better after it left the Ritz Carlton marketing system. Not the case with “Dhara Dhevi Hotel” leaving Mandarin Oriental. 

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