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Do You Study Before the Lecture On What The Lecture Might Be?

by Larry Chiang on March 11, 2020

By Larry Chiang

Princeton, Harvard and Stanford kids HATE a guest lecturer. At UiUc, I had to bribe a janitor to cut the waitlist for lecture access


I’d also send paper mail to the Illini Union Hotel as a welcome. This is public school hustle. 

@DuckDuckGo’ing “mind your chicken marshawn lynch”

Aaron J. Fentress (@AaronJFentress)
Marshawn Lynch with a message for young players about taking care of themselves on and off the field. ##seahawks Said he had a “solid” run in comeback.

Princeton and Stanford students are lucky, they get so many celebrity lecturers.  marshawn lynch is doing the Princeton graduation Speech. 

If you wanna be successful like Ryan Shea, prepare for the guest lecturer

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