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Financially Transmitted Diseases

by Larry Chiang on April 27, 2020

A lot of people keynote at Stanford, MIT, Harvard University and Stanford but Larry Chiang at Stanford often gets undergrads to do his lectures for him. After a Harvard Law School event, Havard Business School’s Harbus wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. Now, he writes at Harbus and activates interrogation skill by helping you ask questions while you’re auditing something that smells like an FTD. Financially Transmitted Diseases is “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” [#ch2 and #Ch10]

Larry ChiangPALO ALTO, Calif.

By Larry Chiang

Weird patterns:
Negative interest rates
Oil at zero
Reserve Requirements at 0%
Gronkowski being reunited with Tom Brady is simply “Bread and Circus” from Ep 7, Secret History Of Money Bread and circus hides the  Financially Transmitted Diseases (FTD’s!) 😂
Larry Chiang @6502838008 (@LarryChiang)
Bread and Circus. And Financially Transmitted Diseases (FTD’s!) 😂😂😂😂 Deeply Understood Currency Knowledge

Deeply Understanding Currency Knowledge will lead you to fathom

Financially Transmitted Diseases, FTD was coined by Marin Katusa‬⁩. He wrote “The Boom, The Bust and the Echo”

Marin Katusa explains: 

Larry Chiang @6502838008 (@LarryChiang)
FTD results from fin fraud non engineering majors can’t see because they’re demoralized enough by


– #cs183fanfe

– N.P.V. 

– pv = nRT was too hard


– Poor Dad & Rich Dad

great dad:

Larry Chiang @6502838008 (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@daniel_doubler‬⁩ â¦â€ª@RexChapman‬⁩ Assets, liabilities. Risk. Entrepreneurship. Credit reports. Debt. 

Income. Expense. 


HOA (fees).

Katusa Research (@KatusaResearch)
A recession in Switzerland – impossible you say? It’s happened before and introduced the world to Financially Transmitted Diseases (FTD’s). 
⁦‪@MarinKatusa‬⁩ explains… 
#gold #FTD

Mind your chicken and mind your mentals

Katusa Research (@KatusaResearch)
Gold vs Bitcoin, Negative Rates, Dollar’s ultimate rise. And financially transmitted diseases. A â¦â€ª@RealVision‬⁩ interview with â¦â€ª@MarinKatusa‬⁩ right here

Bread and Circus. Remember, Tom Brady is renting a house to make money

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