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Gaps and More Gaps Before A Gaping “Chasm”

by Larry Chiang on March 20, 2017

By Larry Chiang
I try to fill in the gaps for when VC’s talk in their attempt to mentor us.

My experience comes from being a start practitioner, startup board member, postmortem editor and all around curious guy. Let’s fill in some gaps.

-1- Gap #1: The ABCs of startup.
There is an a, b, c series at Stanford. Yes, the famous CS 183(a), #cs183b and #cs183c. There are so many gaps that I needed more than all the letters of the alphabet combined. #cs183a34z.

Gaps and more gaps.
-2- Mark Suster has gaps in his prolific blogging effort. Mainly, how he, Mark Suster, crossed the chasm TWICE.

-3- See Mark Suster’s basecamp blog post

-4- Chasms kill startups dead a lot of the time

The Geoffrey Moore book series* has been extrapolated. If you read all of Moore’s books, you would agree with my “Cross the Chasm FROM THE RIGHT” theorems.

Chasms. It would be hilarious if chasms would not kill so many yC startups.

-5- you place your resources at the point that could be an inflection point


-6- StanfordEng #ENGR145 gap

 UT ends ~May14. 

Summer qtr @Stanford STARTS #26Jun2017

Five weeks!!

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Do you know about the secret @StanfordEng #ENGR145 gap? UT ends ~May14. Summer qtr @Stanford STARTS #26Jun2017 cc #sxsw

-7- The perfect summer in Silicon Valley means taking Tom Kosnik’s #ENGR145 class (costs $10k) and then getting your Return on Investment (ROI) before class even starts.

You. Have. A. Gap.

Whip out your moleskin notebook and start to get that $10,000 you’re gonna need for summer 2017 before you even set foot in Silicon Valley. Start taking notes on two videos


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