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Hack America #theEuropas

by Larry Chiang on June 13, 2016

By Larry Chiang

Here we were making fun of the crazy business practices of Silicon Valley VCs and startups… When we should have been benefitting from all that infrastructure

This is my last in a series, “What a They Won’t Teach You While Networking and Note-taking at #TheEuropas” but did teach you at Stanford Engineering’s entrepreneurship school. Yes the number one school for entrepreneurship is the engineering school.  

Your fulfillment is done already in America via Amazon.
Your second stage sales premiums are already fulfilled by Amazon in America. Shouldn’t your facade be made 360?! 🎯 

Let’s intensify our American sales effort by being more America than America. Be more Silicon Valley than Silicon Valley RIGHT HERE FROM LONDON

You’re a Silicon Valley startup right here in the basement of LSE or Silicon Roundabout… Let us complete the details and check all the boxes. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Hack America! Gamificate your European startup’s FICO /D&B credit score. #TheEuropas‘. #5

Establishing a $300 USA credit line attached to your British identity. AMERICAN credit authorities make no distinction between a 24 year old UK graduate student studying at HBS /GSB and an 18 yo American. Take advantage. 
Establishing a legit landline telephone number. Not google voice. And then porting that legit landline to T-mobile. For extra credit, forward unanswered calls over to Kall-8 for a phone tree complete with virtual PBX options. 
The leads me to my next point. 
America is a huge market that is very easy to sell in. Plus, majority of USA buyers are a sucker for anything with an English accent. Thus, take your American business card and sell at trade shows
SalesForce’s Dream Force is a great trade show for CRM. Pictured is Brady and Astro. 
SxSW is a great trade show in Texas. 
HPE Discover is Hewlett Packard Enterprises trade show in Las Vegas. 
More ‘Hack America’ tips are in here
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
What They Don’t Teach You at #theEuropas About Hacking Silicon Valley ……
Stanford Engineering. My notes and commentary. 

Stanford engineering 145, #ENGR145 is free on YouTube and has a bell curve. 

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