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Hacking Death

by Larry Chiang on July 30, 2021

By Larry Chiang

Every millionaire in the twilight of their life thinks one thing: Legacy.

In the forefront of our minds is this: What are people who we have mentored going to say about us after we are gone. Me!? I got mentored by what at the time were, “living legends”

This is what it means to “hack death”.

You get mentored and then you promise to say good things about then now and forever. You get a mentor, they get to have their name live on in a positive light. let’s exactly break down how to hack death as a 20-something whom gets mentored

-1- Hack death by cold emailing a LIVING LEGEND

Cold calling and cold emailing is seriously fun and easy. If they’re legendary and older than 40 and retired…, trust me, we are bored outta our mind. We want to be cold called

We want to be woo’d

We will pretend to be busy but we talk to everyone. Ace this cold call by viewing it like the attempt is a pop quiz. This is how to prepare to win your future networking attempt

-2- Prepare to hack death by knowing we are all temporary and will die soon. So, why not try to reach out

The best prep is to read up.

-3- Hacking Death by writing about how you have already benefited from the living legend you’re trying to get networked with.

Networking via Gmail alert is a great hack. Remember, the Internet is forever. So say something positive. For example, Grif Frost helped me a tremendous amount. He helped me engineer my business. He helped me grow verrrrrry fast.

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