11:11 = 1s are on-time payment. 24 1s = FICO over 700







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It's me, Larry Chiang, best-selling author of "What They Don't Teach You at Stanford Business School".

My goal is to share ideas. Even my SOLD OUT bestseller on Amazon has free excerpts on all fourteen chapters in at a website called, BusinessWeek. Yeah, I write there.

Now to the point:

I finally cracked the code on what it means to have good credit. And now I want to teach YOU how so you can learn great techniques and get on with your collegiate life.

Maybe you've heard my story. I started off young and naive as an undergrad with zero traditional business training.

But after discovering this game-changing model, I built a million dollar business in my dorm room*, became a bestselling author and document new stuff I learn at BusinessWeek.

How did I discover it?

I read "Ultimate Credit Handbook " by Gerri Detweiler. She was and still is one of the best and brightest credit FICO score building minds in the business. Read her book. Build your credit.

I read another life-changing book: "What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School" by IMG Founder, Mark McCormack. It taught me how to get mentored by the best and brightest minds. I used it to network with and man-charm credit experts and learn from the best FICO score-building minds in the business.

$300,000 of Resources - Yours free

I am going to share with you something mind blowing.

You can get critical credit-building knowledge without ever going to business school and without ever going into debt to do it. Save money on life's biggest expense: Interest

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While you are pulling out your cell..., see what I said on Fox News in Houston.

There are FOUR components to building your FICO score (if you're still reading and not texting -- it's ok). These are the four components: the pre-credit prep, peppering positive information, adding in more positive information into the FICO grid and confirming that the information went in.

Harvard had this to say:

Larry Chiang maneuvers through credit like a downhill slalom skier. He is THE credit score vigilante.

Tagging along for the ride is both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. He has testified before Congress and the World Bank. Trust him as your credit guide because he knows 2 stages ahead what moguls to dodge, trees to avoid and cliffs to steer clear.

from Paul Thompson
Founder Scottish American Capital
Harvard Business School '09


I told my friend Kelly Jackson about credit mistakes in the video below. We both have shih tzus (No I am not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with it-- Its just that I am not :-I

Baxter went on before me (video). But here is Kelly and I talking about D.u.c.k.9 (Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9- Ducking 9s is good for your credit)

The FICO credit grid is all the micro pieces of information that Fair Isaac collects from the three bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. The FICO grid is the one thing that determines your FICO score so adding in positive information raises your credit score.

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Secrets to getting a legendary credit score will be revealed. Getting an inflated credit score has nearly nothing to do with how much money you have or how much you owe. It has to do with learning...

- 7 Truths of FICO score building success
- Common credit myths
- Coat-tailing your parents good credit and how to double-dip
- Ducking 9's (9s = credit charge-off)
- 11:11 is awesome because 24 1s = FICO 750. 1s are on-time payments
- Getting credit that makes you look like a millionaire
- Qualifying for a credit card that pays you airline tix.
- What They Dont Teach at Stanford about Getting a Higher FICO
- Get 24 perfect interactions with the FICO grid gets you to a FICO over 700


" Making sure college credit card virgins get deflowered right"
- From Duck9's on Twitter profile

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Larry Chiang

CEO of Duck9

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