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“I wonder if Amex will approve me for a starwood credit card”

by Larry Chiang on May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016
By Larry Chiang.
So the way I walked Mike’s credit app through the American Express system is the same for how I manually wrangle a college student through Bank of America’s visa credit card approval process.
First Mike Arrington’s experience (he’s a retired founder who swims at Bay Club)

Michael Arrington (@arrington)
I wonder if Amex will approve me for a starwood credit card now. They declined me a month ago.

travis kalanick (@travisk)
@arrington a bad case of entrepreneur credit… AMEX won’t give a shit about your exit…

It’s the same Travis that co-founded Uber. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Mike @arrington ya know by 11-11 day, I’ll get u approved Re: Amex just declined me again for a starwood card

I had texted my Amex friend Shari Joseph.

Shari Joseph follows @askAmex. I know Shari from NYFW. New York Fashion Week
Michael Arrington (@arrington)
huh. amex just called.
And just like that, Mile was approved. Read all the credit risk myths that me, Shari, Travis and Mike know but never took the time to write out

Now, if you’re a college student wanting to be an owner operator, you can matriculate fellow students. Yes, help undergrads get a Bank of America visa. 
These locations can be messaged via us postage stamps
– 1825 e Buckeye Road
– #530Lytton
– 101 Tryon St.  
– poBox15291

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