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It’s Asse9 to NOT Be Like a Cockroach

by Larry Chiang on June 30, 2017

By Larry Chiang

Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul)
In the “nuclear war” between governments and blockchains, only the cockroach protocols will survive.


“Cockroach protocols”

Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul)
1/ “Cockroach” protocols are those that are hyper resilient and survive just about anything.

Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul)
2/ they survive attempts by malicious economic actors to doublespend or take control. They survive attempts by governments to regulate/ban.

Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul)
3/ What produces this resiliency? Decentralization (of network, of nodes, of developers), community ideology, and a stable protocol.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I’ll google CoachRoach protocols 3 Saturdays from now cc 🕷🐜🐔…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
@AriDavidPaul Googled “Cockroach protocols” 2.1 weeks early; and came full circle back to #thatsSoCubbie

Paul Graham mentors startups to —

Asse9 Austin Secret (@asse9)

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