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Jason Lowery Explains What Swift Demise SWIFT Might Befall

by Larry Chiang on February 28, 2022


Jason Lowery
⁦‪@zerohedge‬⁩ 👀 ⁦‪@CynthiaMLummis‬⁩ As discussed yesterday, ma’am. Risk of banning Russia off SWIFT is that Russia will reprice their exports in a digital currency, forcing western institutions off USD/SWIFT faster than what they’re prepare for.…
2/28/22, 8:22 AM


Jason Lowery
⁦‪@CynthiaMLummis‬⁩ 1) Yes ma’am. Thank you for the question. Writing thread now:

USD & SWIFT are fundamentally monetary systems, the security of which is dependent on our ability to prevent four types of loss events from happening.

2/27/22, 1:59 PM


Jason Lowery
⁦‪@CynthiaMLummis‬⁩ 8) And there’s nothing we can do about it – we can’t ban Russia from using #Bitcoin or demanding their exports in Bitcoin. And it would be detrimental to US interests to ban #Bitcoin anyways since we have the most to gain from it long term (as you already know)
2/27/22, 2:25 PM

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