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KlubHaus bio Larry Chiang, 🟩 650-283-8008 @duck9 on Twitter

by Larry Chiang on May 30, 2021

(Bitcoin maxies… put 1% of your profit into $AMC 🙂
Toxic Maxi!!! Deeeeeply humbled to be a late stage investor in $AMC 🔫.  Looking forward to 1:1’s with all 969 followers!!
I follow people I know IRL, only! I do not know why. Am I too Gen Z or too Boomer, Buster 
“(who will teach cs183d?)”
– Sam Altman 
Loaded up #cs183d 12–31-2013 @stanfordEng via Twitter & YouTube. Cost =$0. In 2008 @ GSB, CS 183d’s #ch6, “tech sales”. Sales and tech sales are hard because of
– tech
– selling
😂😭 😂😭 (video)
How the economic Machine Works
I am the VC u text 5 min after your VC fires you. Laugh at my losing $1T in a boating accident summer of ‘29 because I am busy mining fiats. Plural of fiat.


Larry Chiang, 🟩 650-283-8008 @duck9
The #1 reason i am so famous in #SiliconValley is when you meet me once or 11x, I talk to you like that Chinese nanogenerian who knows he’s terminal with only a good 30 years left to live and love u.

He can’t remember u. But I love u v v mucho

That’s espanol for much. Im fluid

5/30/21, 12:40 PM

Sent from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

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