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Larry Chiang, Expert on Reverse Trash Talking

by Larry Chiang on October 10, 2021

This picture of a pirate and a dolphin reminds me to remind you
– dolphins are way smarter than me
– dolphins are obvi smarter than u by the transitive property
– dolphins legend Don Shula got introduced to Mark Cuban because I hustled inside Don Shulas the restaurant inside a Westin hotel
I taught Brady Reverse Trash Talk bc I’m a DGAF genius. Trash talk backwards is like #ReverseVC. Regular trash talk makes dudes angry AF
Reverse trash talk makes 70 forgive your 8 yard run and laugh at you all the way to your bank 

Larry Chiang
10/10/21, 3:33 PM

WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

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