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Larry Chiang’s Default Alive Theorems and Notes

by Larry Chiang on March 14, 2017

Austin TEXAS
[im surrounded by puddy and sleep deprived…, edits are needed]
By Larry Chiang
It feels like I’m high on mushrooms in death valley’s Joshua tree because I’m at sxsw and I feel as enlightened as after “Burning the Man, Down”
Here are my default alive, theorems* and notes

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Peter Thiel, YC, wants to live 4ever. I just want your startup to be default alive &4 U TO NOT GO TO hbs, yet! #sxsw cc @TheHarbusHBS DuckBK…
I took 35 pages of notes at South by Southwest on ducking #ch9 BK’s. Entrepreneurship BK is “*Assignment for Benefit of Creditors”
While death de la financial may seem ominous, dark and sadface 😹, I wanna turn that frown upside down. [more on #cs183e later]
Protocol #cs183abc. Marty Pichison
Citing and sourcing “Marty” (thank you, Kevin Rooney for the June 12, 2013 intro) 
Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

Edit and #cs183e… is extrapolating about 7 YC partners one-quarter baked advice. #cs183e is taking two other VC partners teaching at my city’s college [#cs183, Peter] <#cs183c, Reid> and attacking why startups fail. 

ABC again is #cs183abc
Assignment for Benefit of Creditors. #cs183abc
This is Holly. She does FinTech in Chicago. We are at Fast Company grill. This is page 33! #cellphoneNumberUnderwriting helps PE held portfolios duck BETA risk

This is how a VC mentors You via 60 #cs183s’ lectures on YouTube

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