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Leek Jack on Fortnite

by Larry Chiang on March 25, 2018

Leek Jack (@Leekjack_)
When you’re addicted to Fortnite and your girl keep texting you 😡😂 

Fortnight. Pretty cool you do not sue your fans like Chicago Cubs, Pat Riley to Tom Brady sometimes do. I’m a faux paralegal rockin’ appx 488 IQ

 I came to ball hard just like Lily 


11 out of 10 temperament. 

11 of 10 companionship 

11 of 10 social

11 of 10 ability to listen

11 of 10 excels at the 🐶⚾️park

#fiveToolDog = Lily

Sent from my personal iPhone XIII number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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