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London Metals Exchange and Zombie Markets That Never Settle. Bitcoin Solves This.

by Larry Chiang on May 9, 2022

by Larry Chiang 

I read, connect and curate the bitcoin tweets so that you can benefit 

Solution = Bitcoin Solves This. 

Big problem

Obvi but needs to be emphasized 

Here is my attempt at explaining the Nickel Short Squeeze we experienced over the last few days. Which has seen a Chinese Stainless Steel Producer, Tsingshan, get squeezed so badly the LME was forced to suspend nickel trading and cancel a bunch of trades. #nickel#nickelsqueeze
3/9/22, 9:32 PM

Tsingshan was short. Not kind of short, like 100,000 tonnes short. In simple terms. They bet the price would go down, it didn’t. The problem? They don’t produce the pure nickel (uncut >99.8% Ni) the LME uses, so they can’t deliver against the contracts.
3/9/22, 9:32 PM

Johnathon Klink
“The prices that were being seen during that Asian session were becoming disconnected from, I believe, physical reality.” – LME on nickel squeeze.

So naked shorting stocks into the ground is “reality” but when the inverse happens it’s halted & trades cancelled.



3/24/22, 8:17 AM

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