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MBA Programs at Public Schools Are VERY Profitable

by Larry Chiang on July 25, 2017

By Larry Chiang

Here is my educational theorem: “A stanford engineer, or any undergrad engineer, should get the knowledge and the network BEFORE they go to b-school.”

I call it a theorem and not a theory because I know they’re different. Mr Nelson was my freshman geometry teacher. I took regular geometry because Mrs Barbier (8th grade math teacher) thought I was NOT good enough for honors geometry. 

I rocked my 9th grade class at got to meet a lot of really hot sophomores. 

Anyway, I just found out I got blocked by University of Texas’ MBA twitter account

The @UTexasMBA has blocked me:

I’d block me too if I ran a public (profitable) MBA school #UTexasMBA bcc @StanfordBiz @MITSloan @WPCareySchool @Wharton ‬

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