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Mentorship Marketing and the Sales That Result is My Mentor’s Chapter 6 #cs183s

by Larry Chiang on November 7, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Sales. It turns out selling VCs stock has a series of classes inside Stanford engineering. CS 183s’. Well, I pay attention to how VCs sell. 
Executive Briefing Center. It’s at Andressen Horowitz’s offices. 
Photo credit Shane Steele’s friend with her phone. 
The learning center @a16z is where executives get invited to Menlo Park, stay at #2825SandHillRoad, and get sold by startup CEO’s from A16Z’s portfolio.  #cs183a34z

Shane Steele (@shanesteele)
Awesome performance marketing workshop. Thx @a16z! Great group of marketers and insights from the experts at @Revel_One


I kinda wanna crash this learning center @a16z super close to where I exercise “Brady”. #cs183a34z

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