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by Larry Chiang on January 27, 2020

As a Michael Jordan fan boy, I was confused when the Jordan 7 shoe was “rereleased” in Kobe Bryant laker colours. I paid full boat thinking the shoes were a mistake that I could capitalize on by selling them at a premium via Craig Newmark

Lakers and Jordan!? Sacrilege for a young brash kid who got voted into an ASG with vets wayyyy more deserving were passed over. So, I kept my natural LA hate at bay and tried to keep an open mind at the douchie events I attend to watch Alpha Makes in Flux. It’s a hobby where I count MMPPI. Mentor Mentions Per Press Interview

Truth is stranger than any fiction:

Jordan was mentoring him even after Rolling Stone cited Kobe Bryant’s declaration as a 17 yo:

“I’m going to be better than Jordan”

The rest of what I gathered can be learned by watching Gotham Chopra’s movie, The Muse

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