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Merchant Disputes via Post Office Box 0001 #PObox0001 Which Is American Express and How, “Annual Credit Report dot Com” Does Not Work

by Larry Chiang on June 19, 2019

By Larry Chiang
Post Office Boxes are a 🤯
 #PObox0001 is meant to demoralize consumers. Post office box’s receive mail which banks and American Express are required to open and read. 

Many consumers erroneously think banks can throw away the mail. Consumers throw away mail. American Express cannot throw away mail you send. 

Thus, as consumers, it’s a financial life strategy to dispute items via written in complaints that are mailed using a “#10 envelope”. #10 is a traditional sized envelope. 

P. O. Box 0001 almost looks like a joke
Los Angeles CA 90096-0001

This tweet has zero chance to go viral because the advice I am giving is counterintuitive. 
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
What’s more, annualCreditReport dot com doesn’t work. They only maybe give you one of three credit reports. 

Download twitter and favorite a tweet I hashtagged  #PObox0001 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
A9: You want #31envelopes to “self reference” envelope #29 to #poBox0001 might reference #8 #1825eBuckeyeRoad. Amex ~> B of A ⁦‪@ExpTransFax‬⁩


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