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Minimum Viable Application of American Law as a CS (Computer Science) Protocol

by Larry Chiang on October 31, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Law is important 
Law has protocols. Just like you can solve code with creative shitake via algorithms. You can solve business problems. 
Problem: Execs don’t trust us CS major undergrads to park and prepay for services. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
CS 183 law is #InternalEscrow #OneWayLetterOfIntent. #cs183law is a fork from #cs183sA (sales advanced at the 200k-$600k) #ZeroPt6 #cs183s

Download the Twitter app #InternalEscrow #OneWayLetterOfIntent. They make the risk zero for a dinosaur executive who was born in the 1970’s. 

Yes #InternalEscrow #OneWayLetterOfIntent are forked off of my legendary #ENGR145 work. Engineering 145, Technology Entrepreneurship 

And this CTCFTR video

This future co-founder got a prepay using this legal doc: 

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