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Money Management Advice from Bryon Jones to NFL Rookies

by Larry Chiang on April 23, 2020

By Larry Chiang

I spoke at NFL rookie camp. I’m an expert on getting to a fico score over 800. At NFL rookie camp there are speakers who go over every aspect of succeeding

Bryon Jones advice to 2020 rookies: 

DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY. That number you see on your contract is fake. You will pay roughly 40% to 50% in taxes, agent fees, union dues, 401k account + necessary insurance. Also, a large portion of your contract is NOT GUARANTEED. (1/5)

Do not live a lavish lifestyle. Although your mom may deserve it, she does not need a $100,000 car. She does not need a $1,000,000 house. It is not the time yet. If you protect your money early, you can live a comfortable life forever and provide for your family. (2/5)

There are three more tips at Twitter under Bryons handle, @bryon31jump.

To add credit score advice,

-1- Do not co-sign loans for relatives.

Lend your cash. Do not lend them your tax ID number (social security number)

-2- get a file-of-fax filled with files and facts

You will be lulled into a false sense of security by letting your agent / lawyer handle that. Manage your paper yourself.

-3- Read the source code.

Do not delegate reading contracts. Read the paper yourself. Do not outsource money and credit.

-4- Take notes. Take notes about your money in a money and credit notebook.

See the Alex Rodriguez mentorship of Holyfield.

Alex Rodriguez, SS-3B, would carry around a notepad and cheat sheets. This is why he’s still got money left over. He takes notes

Just having a notebook that people see becomes ROI. Return on Investment. Return on Effort.

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