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Duck9 Official San Francisco Blockchain Week‬ ‪Party Thurs Oct 31, 9pm

by Larry Chiang on October 30, 2019

Larry Chiang graduated UIUC with a really, really high credit score and so did Matt Smith, cofounder of Duck9. Together, they augmented their own credit scores to self-fund their small businesses. Chiang has a hobby that is Stanford Engineering inspired by doing a YouTube channel on ‘technology entrepreneurship’, Stanford engineering, “Engineering 145” had a lot of genius videos. Chiang’s favorite theme is street smarts. After Chiang’s Harvard Law keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School

Chiang loves parties, so enjoy Deep Undergrad Crypto Knowledge 9 Party during SF Blockchain Week

By Larry Chiang

Party. Thursday. October 31, 2019. 650-283-8008. 
Have you met me at San Francisco Bitcoin Week October 20 to November 4!? 
image6.jpegPantera Capital LP Summit
#SFBW kicked off at Ritz Carlton. 
It was hosted by Pantera Capital with a Sunday night reception. 
Obvi, I’m kinda like Inspector Gadget. 
image3.jpegHalloween Party at Battery, 2019
Inspector Gadget’s shitake is half baked, he has a genius dog and creepily hangs out with an undergrad girl who does all his work for him…
Sound familiar??
Inspector. Gadget. 
That’s my costume. This is my party. 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Big party. #sfbw

And unlike a hot girl birthday party, I actually plan to be there right when the party starts.…

Ashley and me pay attention to Marc Benioff and his Director Clara Shih who’s now on the board of Starbucks and has a company of her own as a cs major. It’s called HearSay

Download twitter and tweet @larrychiang after you RSVP

DONT FORGET TO TEXT CONFIRM 650-283-8008. This prevents robots from rsvp-ing


#csMajorCEO is with Hillary, Ashley and Camille. RSVP!!!

Fun party at 717 Battery during San Francisco Blockchain Week

Oct 31, 9pm.

#csMajorCEO and Neil Kay and Anjou Ahlborn. Costumes so good they’re on the wall at the venue: Battery. 


Fun party at 717 Battery during San Francisco Blockchain Week

Oct 31, 9pm.

Thank Viktor and ask me for an eMail intro in case this party is SOLD OUT. MY email is Larry @duck9. 


 San Francisco Blockchain Week

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