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Nature Abhors a Vacuum But Spreads Larry Chiang’s Legs, for Oligopoly

by Larry Chiang on July 7, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Okay, let us agree I am super HAWT. And insightful 😉

This article should be titled “WTF, an Oligopoly? In nature? So UNNATURAL.”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Oligopoly. Behave. Badly ~> do not trust my padawan(s)! #duck9 cc @ExpTransFax #ExpTransFax

This blog post goes in 5 directions but bear with yourself. You will get it. First the sad face:

It has not been free at @freecreditrepor #FreeCreditReport since 1999. Right now it’s 2016
This is how smart I am.
This is your first step, should you decide to lever the free @duck9 info. Send me a piece of mail
– use a #10 envelope.
– use a Pixar stamp that’s 49c from eBay store run by USPS.
– 125 University Avenue, Suite 100, Palo Alto CA 94301
– send me a BLANK PDF that the FTC website gives out for getting a free credit report
It’s free biatchezz. Think of sending me mail like I am gps-ING your ass to a FICO of 800, because the United States is like that. CC @elliot_Loh @Loh

Elliot Loh (@Loh)
Testing @waze for the first time in heavy traffic. Personal finance startups would do well to analyze this app.

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