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Notes From a Chat at Capital Factory

by Larry Chiang on February 21, 2022

March 15. Capital Factory is hosting “Fiesta“ by Cherie and Jon & family
sxsw: Hosting norton-rose-fulbright events would be cool if geared toward CS major pre Entrepreneurs. 
So cool companies like Open Sea and Uber were started by engineers at Brown University and UCLA (Devin Finzer / Travis Kalanick 
Meeting them while they’re interns is helpful AF
duck9 ~ I started it my sophomore year in engineering school. It was my moonlighting gig. Side Hustle and Moonlighting Entrepreneurs need legal counsel 
 Semi pro paralegal is just when the name partners talk and give advice above and beyond. Usually at a conference 
So at a boondoggle, the name partner makes 2x bc I listen and take notes
People ask
Mario Rosati. Did you bring your Secretary??
[pointing at me furiously scribbling notes]
I chime up to say
I’m just the billionaire semi pro paralegal, where is your notebook or are you AIR QUOTES keeping all up here (points to skull sarcastically 
Another Cambridge kid who took a lot of paper notes 
In a  #SiliconValley football hype video, my mentee Tom Brady used an image of him in the front row taking notes
 / tipping attorneys/ / CS majors who will be tech founders / m&a

WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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