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Omaha Bound by Larry Chiang 📜🏴‍☠️,🐳🐥🐼 (650) 283-8008 on Tweetstorm Mentorship

by Larry Chiang on April 26, 2022

I credit Mark Marquess and Augie Garrido for Tom Brady having 270 years of football knowledge inside his 32 year old – 44.75 yo brain
Ditto my 270 years of entrepreneurship knowledge, I credit “9” and Augie. #ch9 
When 16 to 19, I just would not listen to Mark Marquess from Stanford or Augie Garrido at the University of Illinois. I mean the one in Champaign where the engineer’d the engineering school to be in Urbana, Illinois 
Baseball stadium was In Champaign 
Maybe if I mentor YOU, you can get to Omaha before youre 50+ years old like me
Since I’m mentoring you right now, thank your mentors parked and housed at Klein Field. And enjoy the $100,000,000* facility I anonymously donate called
“The Mark Marquess center for student athlete Mentorship”
*We are talking 1986 dollars. Not useless 2022 dollars

Larry Chiang 📜🏴‍☠️,🐳🐥🐼 (650) 283-8008
Marquess and Kosnik

– Mark McCormack = anonymous donor

#OppoTaco Arrillaga Trend

– the Marc Andressen {Larry Chiang inspired practice-on-a-cadaver-startup Marty Pichison #cs183e}

😭 I’m a connector 😭
#ch4. Heyyy ⁦‪@StanfordCorpGov‬⁩ jump in.

4/13/22, 2:13 PM

WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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