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Proof of Transfer

by Larry Chiang on March 11, 2020

Unedited by Larry Chiang 
March 2020

Blockstack Ecosystem Updates

February was a productive month in the Blockstack community as various groups formed around projects related to Stacks 2.0. In particular, there has been new activity surrounding ‘Proof of Transfer’ (PoX), a mining mechanism proposed for securing the Stacks 2.0 blockchain while rewarding miners with STX, and STX holders with BTC. 

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Community Updates:

Stacks 2.0 and Technical Progress:

  • Blockstack developers started publishing weekly updates on Stacks 2.0 (including PoX updates). You can find past updates in full detail here or subscribe to receive updates via email by clicking here. Highlights include:
    • Implemented the Clarity Smart Contract traits to enable Dynamic Dispatch.
    • Developers being able to write, deploy and interact with smart contracts on a local testnet.
    • Finished implementing dynamic cost tracking for runtime and analysis for the Clarity VM.
    • Continued working on an issue that enables the Genesis Block of the Stacks 2.0 test net, which will better enable testing token transfers on test net.
  • App developers started using the new beta ‘Blockstack Connect’ library to offer a smoother login experience to their users.

Looking ahead:

Take a look below for links to major news and announcements from this past month and please connect with the community on Discordif you haven’t yet. If you have any questions about these updates or how to get further connected with ongoing efforts, please send a message to or reply to this message. 
See you soon,
The Blockstack PBC Team

Realizing Web 3.0: Proof of Transfer Mining with Bitcoin

We believe that the next big chapter for crypto is emergence of a user-owned internet on top of blockchains. In early February, we published the (draft) whitepaper proposing a novel mining mechanism called Proof of Transfer or “PoX”. If adopted, we believe Proof of Transfer will be a key tool in fully realizing a user owned internet and the promise of Web 3.0 in a secure way. â†’ Read More


Developer Experience: Q4 2019 Highlights

In February, we compiled  some high-level quarterly updates about developer tools as well as the Stacks Blockchain, overall toolset reliability, app funding, education, and community building. In this post, we dive deeper into developer experience specific updates from Q4. â†’ Read More


Blockstack PBC Annual Report for 2019: Enabling A User Owned Internet

Blockstack’s mission is to enable a user owned internet; an internet where users have privacy and complete control of their digital assets. In 2017, we registered as a public benefit corporation to encode this mission in our company. As part of that commitment we deliver an annual report in which detail how we’ve worked toward our declared public benefit over the past year. â†’ Read the Report


The Next Phase of App Mining

Throughout 2019, App Mining has been one of several channels supporting app growth on the Blockstack network, helping to grow the total number of apps from 46 to over 400. However, after working with the App Miners on some of the more critical of challenges of running the program, we’ve decided to pause the App Mining pilot in its current form to focus on the next iteration and supporting an independent entity that can run it in the future. â†’ Read More

From: Blockstack PBC <.org>
Date: March 10, 2020 at 10:16:17 AM CDT
To: “Larry Chiang CEO Duck9” <>
Subject: Proof of Transfer 
Blockstack developers started publishing weekly updates on Stacks 2.0 (including PoX updates)

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