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Reverse Engineering the FICO Algorithm for Off-Credit Report Data Compression

by Larry Chiang on July 15, 2016

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Authorized user versus piggyback differential. 11-15 educated guesses and extrapolations by me, #LarryChiang
By Larry Chiang

Authorized user versus piggyback. FICO’s can swing to 100 point differentials. Here are top 11-15 educated guesses and extrapolations by me, #LarryChiang

-1- authorized user have a cellphone number that signals “non-piggybacker
In cellphone number underwriting, the method of credit scoring the cellphone number itself shows a payment history of authorized user*. The cellphone number originates in a zip code and mailing address that is indicative of other authorized user accounts that like to the same parental social security number with address stability.
-2- Authorized user is likely IF the credit account starts with a “3”
Look closely at the American Express in my hand. The account number starts with a “3”. All American Express accounts start with a 3. Hands down the highest FICO bump is when you’re an authorized user of an Amex**
-3- Piggyback Pattern has different snail mail zip code
Same house address = parent that is authorizing legitimate credit usage and reining in, minimizing and curtailing credit fauxBoating. 

-4- Fake Boating.
True story, there is a scam out there that sells you seasoned credit lines so, in effect, you’re piggybacking another random person you pay $500 to. Obvious fauxBoating. 
The opposite of faux Boating is…
-5- Leverage having been an Authorized user. And apply for credit at #530Lytton
I don’t have a catchy name for this. But here is how it works. Apply for a credit card at the Bank of America at #530Lytton or any other branch location. Before you go, text me so I can look for your app. Text me so in case you get turned down, I can make some calls into #1825eBuckeyeRoad or #101TryonStreet
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