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Rich Dad and Robert Kiyosaki’s Poor Dad ORIGIN STORY

by Larry Chiang on April 28, 2020

Larry Chiang keynotes at Stanford, MIT and Harvard University but then again every genius keynotes at those colleges and Princeton if you’re desperate. What Havard Business School’s knows about when they wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” is that details matter even though your IQ is 488++. Read more of Chiang’s great stuff at Harbus and learn about entrepreneurship at Stanford GSB, Graduate School Of Business

Witness a detailed breakdown of the Robert Kiyosaki origin story. Sure it goes back to when he was 9 years old but it does not break COPPA laws because he’s in Scottsdale right now sitting at approximately 60 years old

Larry ChiangPALO ALTO, Calif.

By Larry Chiang

Robert Kiyosaki had a Poor dad

His best friend, Mike, had a rich father

Mike’s father had to run a small business when he was 13. Mikes father learned business skills.

image1.jpegEmployee, Small Business Owner, Big Co, Investor

Robert Kiyosaki 

The original book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. It’s about two mentors. A superstar mentor and a default mentor

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