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Ryan Hoover on Habits and How Emotions Create Habits

by Larry Chiang on April 5, 2017

By Larry Chiang
My business is startup up your FICO score. I started that business in college. I guess Duck9 is a creative outlet that was a complement to my engineering classes. Seeing my lead generation COME-grow-GO has given me some psychological insight into financial literacy

Money. Is. Emotional. 

BJ Fogg (@bjfogg)
My specialty is not emotions but I see emotions can cause us to remember. One future book (or Stanford class): “Emotions Create Habits”

Chester Williams (@CharismaticRob)
@bjfogg would emotions somehow factor into the MAT equation such as motivating someone to recreate the habit w/ emo response as part of rew?

Behavior model I saw at Dan Olsen’s meet up with BJ Fogg. 

B= mat. Motivation. Ability. Time. 
Emotions Create Habits! Success creates the momentum of positive emotion. I see it all the time for FICO score establishment. 
For example, you feel like you’re lost when you do not have a FICO score. Then, you get 6 1’s (six Ontime payments) and then 24 1’s
When your credit score rises because you’re cognizant of dumb credit reporting details, you’re juxtaposing pain and pleasure
Stanford engineers can get access to OPT (other people’s treasure) when they have a high FICO score 
Credit score is based on credit reports and credit histories from @expTransFax
Another example of emotions creating habits is when kids learn PQRST as a precursor to speed reading. 
Anyway, I am curious about your habits. 


Ryan Hoover (@rrhoover)
Speakers just announced for the next Habit Summit: @nireyal, @avantgame, @ireneau, @GadSaad

Emotions Create Habits!

I’ve a habit of executing selfie, no-selfs. 

Sent from my iPhone 8 that Steve Jobs texted me at (two iPhone 4’s where @6502838008 texted back and forth 🙂

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