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Stanford Corporeal Governance and Running Michael Saylor Board of Director’s Protocols

by Larry Chiang on January 17, 2021

By Larry Chiang
A great brown bag lunch topic for Stanford ⁦‪@StanfordCorpGov‬⁩ is running Michael Saylor’s signature business recipes for
– selling a 0.75% bond and using those proceeds to purchase bitcoin
– investing retained earnings to buy bitcoin 
Questions I have that fall into the curated hashtag, #cs183bOdPE:
– Did you have a Sean Parker in the way that Mark Zuckerberg had a mentor who helped him NOT get fired by setting up the 10:1 voting structure?
– Did you read laws as a way to better play monopoly (aka the game of business)?
– What were early lessons in business and what were some hard lessons?
– Did you ever have a situation where a company did not pay and you had to run point on collections?
– When I say #pirateUpppp does it connotate images of saving your company from pirates or running pirate protocols better than pirates and buccaneers do so that we can keep our companies  
#cs183bOdPE [#cs183 Peter Thiel’s 2012 class] {BoD; Board of Director} (PE, people that come to 🔥 us😂)

Larry Chiang,
Stanford ⁦‪@StanfordCorpGov‬⁩ chalk this article & book into #cs183bOdPE


{BoD; Board of Director}

(PE, people that come to 🔥 us😂)I’d have ⁦‪@michael_saylor‬⁩ guest lecture via Zoom about 10:1 voting ratios (he’s the longest tenured CEO de la Tech👀

11/24/20, 11:24 PM

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