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The $10 Bottle of Water

by Larry Chiang on May 7, 2016

by Larry Chiang

Selling $10 bottles of water helps you be a legendary, engineering, founder.
Selling bottle for ten dollars US is doing with a Computer Science protocol called, “#LCRRM.” Larry Chiang Reverse Rebate Model’s over on Stackoverflow and twitter.

Burbank bobhope Airport water $4 LCRRM gravity movie ticket George Clooney adobe keynote nick austin lee Burbank bob hope Airport water $4.

“They said I was nuts for selling water for $10 and including a free movie ticket, but Burbank Airport sells water for $4 with no movie ticket.”
– Nick Austin Lee

Okay so you’re gonna need sales skills as a CS major and “You Are Going To Need Sales Skills In Under 7 Hours.” This is a sequel to Stanford Engineering CS183s’ {Lec 9 at CS183; Lec 5 at CS183b and Lec 3 at CS183c. And all 20 CS 183s lectures online at Youtube
#LCRRM is Larry Chiang Reverse Rebate Model.
Gravity movie ticket George Clooney. So, you sell a $10 bottle of water and give away a ticket to a movie that opens 2-6 months from the day you sell the water. Yup a movie ticket costs $14. Losing $4 per bottle of water you sell will teach you that selling is not easy but its possible.Guess who did the Adobe keynote? Nick Austin Lee’s company, Adobe

He wears a name tag to be charming He wears a name tag to be charming
FTC Dislosure: I financially benefit from being in a George Clooney film(s)
Plot spoiler: When you promote a movie six months out, I swear Hollywood stars read their Gmail alerts!!!
#cs183s has 7 ‘pop up Internships’. Selling water with an #LCRRM should be added to the syllabus
Elon Musk, Travis Kalanik, Nick Lee. All CS with a dash of selling skills 🙂

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