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The Distributed App of Credit Bureaus

by Larry Chiang on July 24, 2017

By Larry Chiang
dApps. It’s page 10 of the civicKEY PDF. What is the distributed app of credit bureaus!?!

Join me in exploring…

Donald McIntyre (@TokenHash)
@kdzeja @TuurDemeester However, that is a valid use case IMO: info produced on public blockchains is useful for reputation, law enforcement, regulators, etc.



Donald McIntyre (@TokenHash)
@kdzeja @TuurDemeester In current regulatory paradigm, these are examples of private server computing:
– Customer profiles
– Rating systems
– etc.



Karolis Dzeja (@kdzeja)
@TokenHash @TuurDemeester Is anyone doing a credit score blockchain?



Adam Ludwin (@adamludwin)
36/Show me a dapp that people NEED (or believes they will soon need) and I will show you the price of that cryptocurrency going up over time

Having to think thru these snarkie videos when going-to-market with #JTBD

Paul Graham (@paulg)
Don’t attack incumbents head-on. Grow in the margins of their business, then surprise them.

Paul Graham (@paulg)
The best marginal market is the one that’s small because it’s the future, but no one realizes it yet.


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