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There is a Victoria’s Secret Inside a Westin Hotel (SF!)

by Larry Chiang on October 24, 2016

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
larry chiang takes womens lingerie and connects it to FICO, Victoria’s, *Secret HotBox #PObox16589*, and Platinum #AmexDuck9 

By Larry Chiang

Credit virgins, you are going to need to find someone to give you your first $300 line of credit. Problem: If the first creditor says no, you, the consumer credit applicant, are screwed. 
You’re screwed (pun intended) because after the {credit} rejection, there is a very public hard-credit inquiry. This hard inquiry serves to record on Experian, Trans Union and Equifax the fact that you were rejected and now have a negative credit score and derogatory credit report(s). 
Plural because it’s all three credit bureaus: Equifax Experian, and Trans Union that house data that reduce your FICO. Hard credit inquiries that lead to credit rejection is like flashing someone (and then getting rejected along with a public prosecution for lewd and lascivious acts…, NOT GOOD)
That creditor who will say “yes” to everyone is at the Westin hotel 
Victoria’s, *Secret Hot post office Box #PObox16589*. They will say yess. 
P.S. A debit card is like abstaining. It is literally the definition of not being in the game because you’re quitting before the start. Abstain-ers do not get a credit card FICO score. Them are the rules!!

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