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Thriller Bitcoin by Larry Chiang

by Larry Chiang on March 29, 2022

Approximately everyone in Austin is going to Miami for Bitcoin ConFab, Miami
Conference Fabulous. 
Plebiscite has been shortened to pleb. Inside jargon for I’m HODL’rs and will not be spending monies. Five pleb techniques to HODL 
-1- Dudes just care if your skin glows and you’re looking healthy
Bitcoin maxies do not care about your piker vacation time 
We just care that you’re fluffy and well. 
Exercise with minimal walks. Do you age. What did you look like last year compared to this year. Did you pack on 20 pounds. Did you lose 5 pounds. 
/2/ Eating at hosted meals
Losing pounds. Eating meat. 
eat beef, have a 🐶 and seem healthy enough to see #Bitcoin at $20mm at 2091
-3- Housing in a pop up fraternity 
8 dudes, 2 bed rooms. 
Maybe you did not pledge Kappa Sigma fraternity at the University of Illinois
Maybe your pleb pledge task was not cooking lunch for 200 every Friday. 
But you’re living with 7 other dudes and I’m cooking BEEF and Gua Gua Guacamole 
Toxic Bitcoin Maximalists do not care about your choice of Miami hotel and housing. We just care about who you’re sleeping with. 
Err, who you’re sharing a roof with. 
In the same way that Bill Murray is crashing on John’s sofa while visiting Austin, Miami housing is communal. 
-4- Press Badge and Badge Access
If you were slow to smash buy bitcoin during dips, maybe you were slow to smash buy a Miami conference badge. 
Prices have NGU technology where the badge price ‘Number Goes Up’
-5- Not Financial Advice
But I’d buy a little extra bitcoin 
Save some and spend little
Not financial advice, but I’d buy a 2 bedroom and then rent out to enough people to cover 140% of expenses 
Not financial advice, but I’d buy the badges at the low prices…
Not financial advice, but FOMO in via Web4 and not web 3. Web 3 never ships
Web 4 is mining Fiat
Web 5 is Every C.B. forks Bitcoin. Not financial advice Singapore, but central banks fork bitcoin after their 1971 based digital currencies swapped more useless CBDC’s
-6- Thank you for coming to my Bitcoin 2022 Talk
Mine fiat. Save it in #Bitcoin. 
Web4 is mining fiat. Web 4 is older that Web2. Fiat strikes back is the 1971 digital dollar
Thx for coming to my Ted Talk. 
WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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