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Top 10 Scout Whisperer Tips for Scouting

by Larry Chiang on June 21, 2022

By Larry Chiang
Hold on to your BUTTS!
We are going wayyyy Inside Baseball and wayyyy inside my VC world of “capital allocation”!
Heat checks are checking to see if you’re still en fuego. Gut checks are the scout whisperer’s way of telling you stuff you already intuitively know about a prospect
Let me repeat the genius KNOWLEDGE bomb I just dropped…
Gut feels and intuition can be tracked, measured, channeled. Baseball has Intangibles. As scouts, VC Scouts and cross checkers, we break down allocation of draft capital. Let us explore and make tangible the information bubbling up in our dreams and all over your ear hole sitting section 111 in TD AmeriTrade Stadium*. And let’s delve into my brain so that you may understand all that I know at this innovative frontier forefront:
Scout Whisperer Has The New Algorithm That’s a Literal Gut Check on 11 Levels of Gut F-E-E-L-S
[1] Scout Whisperer in The Algorithm wants to predict “How well do you Fail
Baseball is a game of failure.
It’s judged by negative people. 
In a misinformation environment!
So, how well does a prospect fail
What’s your PlanB
What kinda fortitude are we working with 
This leads right into the QUESTION of all QUESTIONS…

[2] Scout Whisperer knows and wants to know the age at which a prospect is quitting baseball 
At what age will you quit MiLb?
When are you quitting?
[3] Scout Whisperer in The Algorithm wants to know
Who are your mentors?
Can you be coached?
Are you thankful to coaches who make less than $370,000 coaching at UCSB!?
What is a specific instance of you, as a prospect, taking coaching and applying it to win?
To be honest as the Third Institution of Silicon Valley…,
I DGAF who your assigned coaches mentors and default mentors are, actually… I need to know who are your unassigned mentors
[4] Scout Whisperer in The Algorithm wants to know
Who are your unassigned mentors

What’s an unassigned mentor!? 
An unassigned mentor is a mentor outside of your school or student athlete construct. A unassigned mentor is someone you pick up in the wild. Losers have barely a recollection of last years teachers or this years assistant coach’s bio
Losers who are pikers don’t even have their body, eyes, shoulders and ears in the perfect listening position when a teacher is speaking 
Who are your mother scratching unassigned mentors
If the prospect has zero unassigned mentors, they will never learn from cohort mentors. 
Let’s break down mentorship in a way that only billionaire NFL owners understand because every owner is fighting to sponsor LarryChiang 
-4B- Tiers and Strata of Mentors, because they all affect trajectory 
The mentorship rundown
~ Super Star mentor
Cant mentor you on the details but selfies with a superstar mentor sure do look great on our Instagram 
~ Cohort mentor
Your teammates 
People who are at your same level
– Default mentor
If you’re the sum total of the five people you hang out with most, know that default mentorship works by low energy default
– Assigned Mentors
These mentors are teachers and coaches you may not escape. They’re assigned to you. You fight their job role which is to educate you
Or do you thrive in a forced mentorship environment 
~ Junior Mentor
A Junior Mentor is someone younger than you that mentors you. So when a little kid screams at me at shortstop to KEEP MY GLOVE DOWN, that’s my Junior mentor coaching me up
[Model: unassigned mentors’]

And now 
[5] Scout Whisperer in The Algorithm wants to know What Gratitude Do You Show  I.R.L.?
Gratitude primes the pump
Everyone wants to go stratospheric tomorrow 
No one takes 99c over to the Trader Joe’s and buys two THANK YOU cards
[6] Scout Whisperer in The Algorithm wants to predict  Parents + support system
[7] Scout Whisperer in The Algorithm wants to predict 
How do you process a 55+ yo coach yelling at you 
[8] Scout Whisperer in The MLB Algorithm wants to know, WHEN WILL BE YOUR NEXT MMPPI
Mentor Mention Per Press Interview
[9] Scout Whisperer in The MLB Algorithm wants to know
What’s the other side of being a multimillionaire 
[10] Scout Whisperer in The MLB Algorithm wants to know
• What mentors hare you surpassed?
-11- Scout Whisperer wants to know
Who have you mentored?
-12- Scout Whisperer in The MLB Algorithm wants to know
What experience do you have with EQ 
What’s been your Emotional Quotient scoring before and after meeting Larry Chiang


WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on
inused Scout Wis whisper
the Algorithm
– How well do
you FAil ?1
What experience do you hane wEa
Who are your mentors?
Who are your
unassigned mentors
What gratitude 1.R.L.?
Parents + support system
Haw do
you process a ssys yelling @ya
What’s the other side of mm

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