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Tweet Advertisement for goPuff is a Great Example of CTCFTR and External API

by Larry Chiang on March 30, 2020

By Larry Chiang
The goPuff (@gopuff) founders are using a great play right out of a playbook written by Mark McCormack. 
If they tried to sell goPuff, it’d be hard
goPuff (@gopuff)
Want snacks, ice cream or drinks but don’t want to leave your house?

$10 OFF your first order with code: TWTEN

If they sold you something that you really liked already, that’s CTCFTR and #ExternalAPI at the same time
Cross The Chasm From The Right. In gopuff’s example, they are using pints of yummy ice cream to sell you on the innovation of delivery. 
#ExternalAPI is when gopuff uses a non-relationship relationship with Ben and Jerry’s to sell Ben and Jerry’s without their permission. The API would be Ben and Jerry. Outside of the API would be GoPuff. Fully legal

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