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Advice to Undergrads Who Can’t Afford Bitcoin But KNOW It’s Going Up

by Larry Chiang on April 20, 2020

By Larry Chiang

Similar to when a vc won’t fund you, not being able to afford bitcoin is rough. It’s hard on your brain because you know it’s the future, but you can’t capitalize.

Frλ͎ncis Pouliot ☣️ (@francispouliot_)
A heartbreaking tragedy: being a hardcore bitcoiner but not being able to afford to buy Bitcoin and watching the price explode as obviously predicted.
Here are some things you can do prior to being able to afford bitcoin

-1- Get started owning 100 Satoshis

$1 = thousands of Satoshis. Start there

/2/ Hustling. You can get paid in stock. You can get paid in coin.

3] Few people your age have any bitcoin. One full bitcoin is only $7,100 right now

If you work all summer, you can earn o.55 btc

Summer intern at the law firm across the street from where I live

(4) Start a small business where you earn bitcoin by helping Atherton Calif residents on-board bitcoin using Coinbase.

It’s actually nearly impossible to buy bitcoin with American bank account money.

Problem: Onboarding American bank account money is hard

Solution: Provide customer support for Coinbase because Coinbase provides zero help. Zero.

Like all Silicon Valley geniuses otter than Larry Chiang, dumb people trying to give us money BORES AND ANGERS genius’.

Solve the problem. Make bitcoin

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