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VCs & Editing

by Larry Chiang on May 28, 2016

By Larry Chiang 

Marty Pichison is the undertaker of Silicon Valley. His story has not been told. Death and new beginnings are a motif and Mr Marty should not be left off the narrative. 

Andrew Mason preso at the YC Startup School (2010). “Mark Hendrickson” wrote a Plancast postmortem 2 startup school’s later (2012). 

I loaded up 20 #cs183e lectures about editing a cadaver startup. Beyond zombie startup, a cadaver startup is dead-er. 

An example of a cadaver startup is Mark Hendrickson‘s “Plancast”. He used to live in the house and write from Arrington’s house. He wrote a postmortem on TC. After the postmortem, I executed Lec 7, #cs183e and Lec 13 #cs183e. After that sxsw party, we sold Plancast while in its cadaver state. Hendrickson! is now retired in Barcelona. Follow him at @markyMark

This lecture series is like the Connie @cookie article on #cs183c. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Connie Loizos @TechCrunch – Great scoop @Cookie! I tipped this to Gabe bc I see it’s significant. There is more in the hashtag #cs183c
Except it hits closer to home because a journalist that turned into a founder had quit with his co-founder Jay. And then sold Plancast to ActiveNet. Both founders were made whole in addition to their VC investors. I catalyzed this. Now the cadaver rescuing protocols are up: “#cs183e” has 20 lectures. 

VCs and editing is a new new thing. We can chat about #cs183e at @TheEuropas if you’re going to LONDON. If you’re new to tc, I look forward to saying hi. 

Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher)
@LarryChiang @TheEuropas sorry, verified Media only 😉

Obvi I will pay my 2000 euros myself FOR entry 🙂 Mike tipped Techmeme for me Re “9 VCs You Don’t Wanna Meet”

Marty coined the phrase “Assignment for Benefit Of Creditor”(ABC). I came to learn of Marty via my lawyer who told me Marty Pichison is my kindred spirit. 

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