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Venture Capital Origin Story

by Larry Chiang on February 1, 2021

Asse9 Austin Secret
I, Larry Chiang, the asse9 admin, have a VC firm: Larry Chiang Stanford G51 Fund of Stanford Founders. I say ⁦‪@Stanford‬⁩ 2x cuz im #ILLINI
2/6/12, 1:44 PM
Before becoming a vc, I was the VC whisperer. Got dozens and dozens of VCs to pay founders to pitch founders #reverseVC
How to Pitch VC 
How to Charm a VC Into Mentoring You
Only on Clubhouse, “Confessions of a #DoucheBagWhisperer”. 9 VCs You Do NOT Want To Meet. I should know…have been 4-6 VCs you want to avoid & duck. 🐥 VCs 
Killing vc by mentoring you on Deeply Understood Capital Knowlwdge because you do not need vc. You need an External API  On Twitter, #externalAPI 
🐥 The 1x entrepreneur wonder 🐥
Collegiate entrepreneur with one singular expertise: Credit knowledge bomb(s) arbitrage. Graduated engineering school as a @duck9 millionaire and set record with highest starting salary @F100 job. 🐐
💣 Digging for knowledge bombs on clubhouse. Who should be mentoring me next
🐳What They Don’t Teach You in Business School I Learn Here on Clubhouse 
🐼 Was verbally invite to Stanford for $2!! Yes, Stanford GSB let me in for $2.oo
Professor Irv Grousbeck’s textbook cost two bucks. New Business Ventures’s #stramgt353’s used textbook was/is $2.oo on my friend Jeff’s, Seattle website that sells books and now everything 
Best arb is $2 arbitrage 
Ditto, Warren Buffet. He got into Columbia on a verbal invite. Same with Jessica Mah getting verbally invited into Ycombinator 10-16-09.
🐥 I follow the Top 10 People on Clubhouse
In my notes and musings, I scandalously reveal how stuff really works and break it down. I am the🐳 #LarryChiang 🐳 that hacked the FICO algorithm using taxpayer funded websites I crawled. My mentor Mark McCormack wrote the book, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School”. If you read my hilariously awesome “How to Get Man-Charm” and ‘How To Get a VC You Dont Know To Mentor You and Fund You’, we will be great friends here on Clubhouse
🏴‍☠️Think of me as a mother scratching magician. I am half ass smart as you but am in flow state leveraging Norepinephrine.  And acetylcholine when I foci on the details. 
For money in or money out via cashApp, Gemini, PayPal, Samurai Wallet… text me 650-283-8008
What experts won’t tell you about scaling up and starting up a FICO score of 800
Too lazy to copy paste this!?! Email me at and I’ll Ping back the link. Texting my spam number is fine too
Michael Saylor 
TRUE STORY, I’m the guy who intercepted a Tom Brady pass!! He tackled me at the goal, almost broke his finger! we were playing basketball
My $10.10 fund theorem is “execute #externalAPI’s”

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