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What They DO Teach at Y Combinator {at Tuesday mentorship dinners and CS 183s’ [b]}

by Larry Chiang on September 18, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Stanford engineering has a bunch of cool new classes. 
Stanford Engineering CS 183b, #cs183c and other #cs183s’, center around entrepreneurship education. A lot of doing things that don’t scale is transferring knowledge about promotion, distribution, getting early traction and promoting your beta-product
#startupSchool had a first speaker that’s Stanford engineering trained via Engineering 145, “Technology Entrepreneurship”. September 17, 2016,  @ooshma spoke. 

Tiffany Yu (@ImTiffanyYu)
What @ycombinator doesn’t tell you: if you meet with your customers, you’ll discover WHY we do we do. @ooshma of @gobbleinc #startupschool

“doing things that don’t scale, But Have Momentum” = #dttdsBHM

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
In my expert opinion @ooshma, that was YC prior to ~’11. Now #cs183yC Tuesday dinners are chock full o’ “distribution sales etc @ImTiffanyYu

FOR EXAMPLE, Sam Altman’s class CS 183b in 2014. Lec 3, “doing things that don’t scale”
Sam Altman and 
@ooshma pow wow about doing things that don’t scale (BUT HAVE MOMENTUM)

Y Combinator (@ycombinator)
.@ooshma talks about doing things that don’t scale while building Gobble

Stanford engineering videos on my channel help you set the bell curve by doing things that don’t scale:

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