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What’s Stanford Engineering’s “Sound Of Silence”?

by Larry Chiang on February 23, 2017

By Larry Chiang
My bad! I made fun of Paul Graham’s Lec 3; #cs183b. The title was “Do things that don’t scale”. The class was HTSAS. If you’re not familiar with that stanford engineering class on entrepreneurship, you should probably leave.
Free entrepreneurship videos on You Tube tagged #cs183b are for closers, only 🇺🇸🐳🇺🇸🐳
In hi lecture he never says anything about Do things that don’t scale. 

Paul Graham (@paulg)
“Some of the most useful things I’ve learned about startups are also things I’d never share publicly.”…
Paul Graham (@paulg)
Jessica told me this was the 4th post she’s written about why she’s reluctant to speak out online. The first 3 she didn’t publish.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Believe PG! Dishing #cs183creditScore unfiltered advice has left me with hoards of remorse…

I’m Chinese. I know what “sound of silence” is all about. A lot of advice has a risk. So when PG skips out advice centered around Do things that don’t scale, I get it. 
So when I am about to get great advice, I mitigate all my potential mentor’s risk by
1/ reading what my potential mentor wrote
2/ guessing at their advice based on extrapolations of interviews
3/ pulling out feedback
4/ doing time distortion NLP trick to get a potential mentor to risk “knowledge transfer”
So maybe read PG’s essay Do things that don’t scale and then email him for a meeting about Doing things that don’t scale

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